The 1969s - Good-Time Texas Punk Blues

The 1969s have called it quits. Thanks for the many years of good times and good jams.

The 1969s are a 4 piece, Dallas punk-blues band with a dirty foot in the Mississippi Delta blues mud. Think Muddy Waters driving an out of control 18-wheeler with Angus Young navigating. Please don't think this is your average Stevie Ray Vaughn-wanna-be band with 6 minute guitar solos. We rely on that dirty juke joint sound turned to eleven to make a body move.

The 1969s have 2 full CDs out as well as a single.

The 1969s are a small self labeled “Party Blues” band formed in 2008 in Dallas, Texas with a massive sound. Rooted in foot-stomping delta blues with tastes of funk and down right booty shakin’ grooves. This band puts on a rockin’ juke joint style show and everyone in the room has a party.

Janky has continued this Texassippi blues sound and has released two CDs and two singles to date.

The 1969s are:
Janky (Scott Lindsey) - Guitars/Vocals
Troy Thibodeaux - Bass/Vocals
Sal "The Wolf" Torneo - Second Drumer
Chris Mancini - Original Drummer
All members are from Louisiana

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The KM69s

Live At The Doublewide

Live at Club Dada

Stomp Box

HiTone 1969 Custom Guitar

These dudes

The new The 1969s lineup is made up of all Louisiana boys. Ya hear?

Scott Lindsey / Janky

Guitar / Vocals

Troy Thibodeaux

Bass / Vocals

Sal “The Wolf” Torneo


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